XYZ: Visual Architects are passionate about music and visuals. We build experiences centered around exploring the synergy between sight and sound.


Working closely with promoters and performers to provide bespoke immersive visual environments for events and installations. We take pride in creating projection mapped spaces that envelop audiences and experiment with a variety of technologies to create systems that allow us to achieve a high level of synergy between musical and visual components throughout an event.


We combine techniques from multiple disciplines such as VJing, projection mapping, 3D modeling and video synthesis. We then build responsive control systems to allow us to perform as organically as possible to the music we find ourselves accompanying.


We tend to work closely with promoters and performers who share our vision for creating engaging events that offer audiences unique and captivating experiences.


If you think you would like us to work with you feel free to get in touch and have a chat about your vision for your event. If it inspires us and you're looking for some creative input no doubt we will want to work with you too.

Stage Design

While we do occasionally work with flat-projection setups found in most venues utilising traditional projector screens, our work really is most at home in spaces where we have the scope to fabricate bespoke stage setups.


We use a variety of materials (depending on the budget and the venue) to typically build structures which augment the stage and lighting systems present allowing us to create a sense of depth beyond merely projecting onto screens behind performers.


As performers and sound technicians ourselves we are experienced in creating stages that offer maximum visual impact while remaining practical for performers and technicians to work effectively and safely throughout the event.

Venue Decor

A lot of our work consists of transforming venues of varying sizes with what could be considered to be projection mapped decor. We like to extend our stage setups into the crowd whenever possible and surround the audience. In our experience this creates a far more engaging environment.


We have been working with different promoters for over 8 years to either transform fairly pedestrian spaces into something truly spectacular for their events or to give events in more established venues a unique aesthetic to really make their events stand out from others held in these venues.


Movement is key to our setups and we take great care to design stages and decor that allow us to create dynamic and responsive visual environments.

Motion Graphics

We employ a variety of techniques to create engaging content whether we are creating complex projection mapped stage setups or providing visuals for more traditional projection scenarios.


Just as with our stage setups we take great care to produce content that increases audience immersion and responds in interesting ways with musical cues. To this end we utilise 3D modeling, video synthesis and generative techniques as well as traditional 2D design and video editing technology to generate content.


Our main goal when designing content is to do so in a way that lends itself to real-time performance to achieve the most compelling results when responding to the musical components of an event. As such we are constantly experimenting with new techniques and technologies.

Custom Graphics

As well as generating abstract content live at events we are also experienced in adapting existing graphic assets such as event branding and logos and incorporating them into our content at events when this is called for.


Whether this consists of incorporating logos into our content in interesting ways or augmenting physical signage by projection mapping this with custom content to add depth and movement to otherwise static aspects of the event, this is something we are often asked to do. When given access to the relevant graphical assets and a realistic time-frame to generate the content, this is always something we are happy to do.


* If you require custom graphics for an event it's important to state this upon inquiry to allow time for design and rendering of any 3D or animated content.




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